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We provide many selections of import products such as tomato paste, oil and food ingredients. These products are imported from many parts of the world and are handled carefully to maintain their fresh qualities.

We also provide various export products, with whole round & precooked tuna as our main product. We always make sure to handle these products carefully in order to maintain their qualities.

There are also several kinds of imported oil products, such as:

Corn Oil

Canola Oil

Sunflower Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pure Olive Oil

Refined Olive Oil


We provide several kinds of imported food ingredients, such as:

Texturized Soy Protein

Soy Ex

Corn Grits


Soya Bean

About us

AJ&J International is managed by young, dynamic and professional team who is experienced to

work in a rapidly developing environment. 


As the premium provider of highly qualified products such as foodstuffs, ingredients, packaging, biodegradable products etc. and strive for excellence in the field of wholesale. AJ&J International strives to be recognized as the pioneer leading supplier of food, ingredients, packaging, biodegradable products etc in the region for high quality and best valued

products whilst sustaining an excellent customer service.


We, are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We have built the expertise in our business through the best in category partners and their technical know-how.



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